We have set up a research library in the Centre to help students of comparative studies. . This library contains approx. 1200 books at this initial stage. For a generous contribution we are thankful to Opal Trust, UK for donating valuable books, commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias etc.  to facilitate research work. The students and the staff have the broadband facility for research.

This is the only library of its kind in Mansehra. The library consists on following sections:

  1. New Testament
  2. Old Testament
  3. Hermeneutics
  4. Comparative Religions
  5. Interfaith
  6. Missions
  7. Christology
  8. Devotional classics
  9. Islam

Membership Policy:

The admission to the library will be limited.  A letter of recommendation from faculty or university/seminary will be essential for any further interaction.

Books will not be issued in any case. Visitors/ students/scholars will have to use study material within Centre’s premises; photocopy of smaller sections will be allowed; copy rights will be observed strictly and copying of entire book will not be allowed.