Cirin Christian Clinic was started on the 5th of October 2009. We are glad to share that during February 2010 total 677 patients were seen at the clinic; among them 404 were having old cards and 273 were registered as new patients with CCC.This general health clinic runs through Monday to Friday. Monday’s are fixed for general clinic and male patients. Tuesday to Friday we have antenatel checkups and mother and child clinic. The doctors and the staff of Kunhar Christian Hospital serve the people of Mansehra in Cirin Christian Clinic.

The people of Mansehra and adjacent areas are very pleased with the development of this facility. All appointments are by telephone the day before (telephone number: 0997-301209 and 0333-6253337). The clinic provides low cost quality service on non profit basis.

Dr.Jane Sampson will be leaving at the end of May this year. An urgent need for a new lady doctor has surfaced.

Donations and volunteers are invited. Please contact us.

Cirin is the name of the river flowing through Mansehra area.

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