May 22

A small ceremony was held in at Gulshan to celebrate the many years that Dr. Jane spent working in Pakistan.

Dr. Jane M. Sampson, who started serving people of Pakistan from Kunri Hospital, Sindh more than couple of decades back, finally has taken retirement (atleast for the fifth time) at the age of 84. She has been serving at Cirin Christian Clinic, Mansehra; and Kunhar Christian Hospital, Garhi Habibullah for the past several years.

In order to give thanks to our Lord for blessing Dr. Jane, a thanks giving service was organized at Gulshan House, Mansehra; where people from different parts of the country and a few family members participated.

After praise and prayer, there was a session in which many shared their personal stories about working and living with Dr. Jane. Many emails and text messages were read as well from people who were unable to attend the event. These personal sharings showed different aspects of Dr. Jane’s life and her services at various levels. This program was ended with presentation of a wooden plaque to Dr. Jane as an expression of love from people of Pakistan.

Photos from the ceremony

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