Under the influence of Mr. LalDin and Mr. William Gill and an earlier influence of Robby and Jean Orr, Dr Haroon and Mariam LalDin were led by the Lord to take a step of faith and move to a challenging area of Pakistan. A strong need for a self administered Pakistani mission was felt by many of the Christian leaders in Pakistan and discussed about over a long period of time and yet no one would take the first step themselves. Dr. Haroon felt called to set an example for the Pakistani Church. He had no doubts that the Lord was trustworthy and would remain faithful. Taking this step in the dark would become an example of God's faithfulness. With the help of his friends, GhariHabibUllah District Mansehra, in lower Kaghan, was chosen as the place to begin this ministry and experience God's faithfulness, showing the love of Christ in service to the poor of the area.

On the 29th of July 1987 after months of deliberation and prayer Dr. Haroon requested his close friends to come for a meeting which was held in Bach Christian Hospital. Dr. Haroon was seeking assurance that the vision he had was being confirmed by mature Christian leaders. He asked the people present in the meeting to express vocally as to why they thought it was God's will for the LalDin family to launch a ministry in which they had no previous experience. Most people expressed their deep conviction that the proposed step of leaving Bach Christian Hospital and moving into a non existent ministry was indeed God will and that they supported it one hundred percent.

August 31st 1988 became the last working day at Bach Hospital for Dr. Haroon. The Evangelical Church held a "send -off" service. That same day was a turning point in the health of Dr. Haroon's second child was suffering from severe gastroenteritis and was extremely dehydrated. The church prayed for her and from near death she took a turn to recovery.

At this time Haroon and Miriam only had two children, a son, 5 years old and a daughter aged 3. When they moved to GhariHabibUllah the LalDin family lived in a two bedroom house, which they were told had been used as a barn earlier. It was quite a change for them especially for Mariam, moving from a beautifully set up home in Bach, amidst an apple orchard, to a house in the middle of a cornfield infested with rats in the winter and caterpillars in the spring. Slowly Dr. Haroon with the help of many volunteers and friends set up a little clinic where many patients came regularly,grateful for the much needed medical attention they received.

Over many years this little clinic was transformed into a 50 bed hospital, with an OPD and In patient department, from one doctor to four.
God has remained faithful to this work and it has flourished and bloomed into something even larger than Dr. Haroon had envisioned. Please look at our KCH project page to get more details on the history of the hospital and the work being done there now!