Akash Christian Society was founded in 1987 by Dr. Haroon LalDin, Rob Droullard, William Gill, Rodney Stent and Younis LalDin who were all present at the initial board meeting. Akash is registered  under society's act of 1980.

Akash Christian Society is committed to evangelistic work , and looks to challenge local believers to step out and serve in a similar manner.

Through over 20 years of service Akash has grown greatly. Akash Society's largest project began in the form of day clinics held in the Kaghan Valley, the project developed into Kunhar Christian Hospital The project strives to provide the people of the Kaghan valley, especially the poor, with reduced price health care.

Akash also maintains Gulshan house in Mansehra. Gulshan house is commonly by used Pakistani churches as a location for retreats and camps held throughout the year.